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Vertical Cone Dyeing System manufacturer in Delhi

Vertical Cone Dyeing System Manufacturer

HTHP vertical dyeing machines are faster growing in the markets. We are manufacturing high temperature vertical yarn dyeing machine with the latest quality and trending designed, best selling machine on textile company with highly experienced in yarn dyeing machine. Sharman Mechanical Works are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of vertical yarn dyeing machine with long lasting features and international standards. HTHP vertical yarn dyeing machines have been creating for Fabric and yarn dyeing such as Ribbon, Top, Hank, and Zippers. Our machine is dyeing 10 to 1500kg at a one time. 

  • Features: 
  1. All machine part approaching into deal with the dye is finished of AISI SS 316L, extremely oxidisation resistance 
  2. Dual stage turbo pumps for liquor movement (In & Out) with inverter drive for varying speeds
  3. MLR of 1:6 (Fully Submerged) 1:5 (Air Pad Systems)
  4. Ait pad systems to inserts air manually into the machines to design fixed density and to minimize the ratio
  5. Addition tank with injection pump colour for tired the dyeing machine 
  6. Heat exchangers inbuilt to machine having heat minimize 
  7. Flexible and variable loading speed 8. Checking and Sampling dyeing machine while operating 9. Human /


  • Machines Security Connects Optional Feature
    1. Several fills
    2. Various drains
    3. Several heating systems such as electric heater, steams & gas/diesel flame
    4. Stock tank with fully capacity & mixing agitator with heating transfer pumps
    5. ph meters
    6. Hydro extractions systems
    Technical Data:
    1. Maximum design pressure 6 bar
    2. Maximum design temperature 160??C
    3. Heating gradient 25??C – 130??C approx. at 5??C/min. (Dry saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
    4. Cooling gradient 130??C – 85??C approx. at 3.5??C/min. (Cold water of 25??C at 3 bar)


Vertical Cone dyeing Machine

Material ss 304 , 316
Capacity 5 – 1500 kg
Machine Type Automatic
Power Consumption 4 to 12Kw
Shape Round
Voltage 440v
Phase 3 Phase
Model Name/Number SMDY1
Operating Temp. 25- 130 degree C approx at 5 degree C /min. (Dry Saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
Number Of Tubes 1
Country of Origin Made in India


  • The heart of RBNV-I dyeing machine is the extremely efficient sMWPYP type liquor circulation pump, which is a mixed design between an axial and a centrifugal impeller, specifically designed to cover the complete range of differential pressures  from 0.2 up to 2.5 Bar.
  • Additional Information:
    • Production Capacity: 15 DAYS
    • Delivery Time: 15 DAYS

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