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Automatic Lab Dyeing machine manufacturer in Delhi

Automatic Lab Dyeing machine Manufacturer

Sharman Mechanical Works is a leading Automatic Lab Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in Delhi. This is a machine that is used to dye fabrics automatically. This lab dyeing machine is very user-friendly and easy to operate. It is also very efficient and can dye large quantities of fabric in a short period of time. The machine is very versatile and can be used to dye a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, wool, silk, and polyester.

As a top Automatic Lab Dyeing Machine Manufacturer in New Delhi. We have all the requisite facilities to manufacture and offer a technologically advanced range of HTHP Vertical Tubular Dyeing Machines / Single Package / Automatic Lab Dyeing Machines. Manufactured using quality materials, these are appropriate for dyeing of loose fibers, tops, tows, yarn packages and yarn beams with suitable material carriers.

Advantages of best Automatic Lab Dyeing Machine

1. Multiple pots on single table which cover less area
2. Compact arrangement of SMW turbo pump, heat exchanger and piping is the main key to floor space saving
3. Inverter driven turbo pump for variable flow control; saves upto 40% power consumption hence more Energy Efficient
4. HT drain at 130°C for oligomers elimination during polyester dyeing process
5. Excellent dyeing result and levelness, reduces yarn loss
6. Water level, pressure, distinctive temperature multiple safety interlock, ensure operational safety

Main Features:

1. Savings of water, chemical, heat & electrical energy
2. Design ensures complete drain of _liquor

1. Capacity from 1 kg to 5 kg
2. Very low _liquor ratio from 1:3 to 1:5
3. Wo. temp up to 140 °C
4. Wo. Pr. Up to 4 kg/cm 2

Additional Information:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Number

We are known as the best Automatic Lab Dyeing machine Exporters and Suppliers in India! Yarn dyeing, reinvented! 70% savings on electric energy 30% savings on water, chemicals and utilities Improved yarn dyeing quality Faster payback times Sustainable yarn dyeing.